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Group & School Bookings

At Stockeld Park, we know that giving children the opportunity to explore in the outdoor environment has so many benefits, from learning and creativity, to well-being and independence. Is there any better reward for a teacher than seeing their pupil’s beaming faces as they learn something new? It’s the perfect place for children to connect with the outdoors and provides balance and renewed enthusiasm for learning. What better way to get your children out of the classroom than a visit to nature’s MAGICAL playground! We hope that after a trip to Stockeld Park, children will return back to the classroom energised, motivated and inspired! Why not use this new found energy to embed the learning of the experience back in the classroom by working together to enter our Sculpture Competition! We also welcome non-school groups of 15 or more! Get in touch by phone or email with us for more details and we will help you discuss your requirements! Contact us on: